If you’re spending a lot of energy trying to remodel your kitchen yourself, you’re probably wasting it.

You may soon realize that you lack the time, temperament or talent to handle the dozens of decisions that go into the remodel: from cabinets to countertops, from flooring to furniture. You may become overwhelmed with the “devil in the detail” as you confront questions about drawer depth, door hinges, cabinet pulls, and a whole lot more.

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Chances are you’ll get a “new” kitchen for your home only once. You can’t afford to ruin the remodel.

You can avoid poor and costly mistakes by hiring a kitchen and bath and remodeling specialist with substantial experience and industry-know how. Design professionals with the best high end residential track record have the best understanding of timelines, the most resources, and the best remedies to your kitchen design challenges.

As Montana’s only luxury custom kitchen and bath design specialist with nearly 40 years experience, I can save you time, money and headaches with your project, and help you enhance the value of your home.

Register for Jeana’s Kitchen Conversation, a complimentary 45 minute, in-home consultation on how to update, upgrade and increase the usefulness of your kitchen.

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